The bathroom is the place where you refresh yourselves. As like other places in the house, the bathroom also needs to be well designed and decorated with porcelain floor. It can be a tough job as designing a small place is difficult.

Below are some fundamental things which will make your bathroom appear cozy and well designed.

Try to keep all your toiletries like toilet papers, toothpaste, make-up accessories, soaps etc. well organized. A cabinet will help you organize things easily and you can avoid messing with them. A tidy bathroom will look sophisticated and cozy than a bathroom scattered with toiletries everywhere. Bathroom drawers can be a good alternative to cabinets.

A towel is a primary element you need in the bathroom. If your bathroom has little space, try fitting towel hangers behind your door to make efficient use of the door space. Where ever you are placing your towels, make sure you fold them in a proper way. Keep them in descending order according to their sizes.

You often place your shampoos and body wash in a place which is easily accessible. You mostly put them in holders hanging near your shower place. Instead of this if you put all your products in uniformly shaped bottles with laminated labels, it can give your bathroom a good look. This can be an accessory in itself.

Another great alternative is to choose cabinets which offer space for each individual person. This will help to avoid messing things and quick access to each person. Moreover, special space can be allocated for the guest items in the cabinet.

Curtains near your bathing place can be sewed with nice fabrics and with colour complementing the other accessories and walls. For more spice, sew the curtains with 3-4 different fabrics coordinating the colours.

Cubbyholes are a great alternative to keep your bathroom accessories and towels and give your bathroom an organized look.
Try different soap cases which look attractive. You can try a sea shell soap case which looks magnificent.
The commode, bathtubs, mirrors, washbasins etc. should be cleaned on a regular basis to keep your bathroom clean tidy and give your bathroom a pleasant look.
Use of vintage mirrors in your bathroom will give it an attractive look.
The bathroom is the place where you visit the first every day. Everyone loves a well designed and tidy bathroom. Follow the above tips to design your bathroom and to have a pleasant bathing experience.

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