The rough construction phase continues.  A window and door of the kitchen gets closed up and another window gets cut open to create a new door.  It was a remarkable experience to walk on the jobsite and see the guys just sawing through the wall framing and exterior siding to make the new doorway to the back deck.  This new doorway will make such a huge improvement for the kitchen - a new and easier access from the parking area of the home as well as a better flow from kitchen to the deck for entertaining.  You will notice the electrical service that feeds into the house is way too close to the new door.  This will be relocated to a new strike during the construction.

While the kitchen is receiving the deconstruction of the window to create the door, the bathroom area starts to take shape by framing up walls.  

The openings look pretty wide for the moment as the doorways to the bath and closet will be pocket doors.  The bath will be to the left, which is closer to the existing drain lines and vent stacks so we can tie into them to connect the plumbing.  Below is a closer look at the shower wall framing.  The bath is taking shape!