I just attended a Designer’s Symposium at the World of Whirlpool in Chicago.   The focus was on the Jenn-Air brand.  The symposium was specifically designed for experienced designers with in the Interiors and Kitchen & Bath industry.  I was flattered to have been invited!  On our first day of training, Chef Ann was teaching us about the wonders of the griddle feature on the Jenn-Air gas cooktops and ranges.  Now, I have been to all the major competitor brand's manufacturing and training facilities in the appliance industry.  I have already formed the decision that I would love a griddle application or tepanyaki grill in my dream kitchen.  So, when Chef Ann mentioned “chrome infused”, I was intrigued.  Thoughts ran to chrome details on sexy motor bikes…..It’s a Harley for me that gets my motor bike passion revved up.   Then, I thought of food with the “infused” bit of the statement.  Garlic infused olive oil, blood orange infused vodka, tarragon infused vinegar…..well, you get where I am going.  So, to hear “chrome infused stainless steel” for the griddle, got my thoughts racing.  What does that mean!?   Well, simply put, the surface of stainless has some porosity and the chrome fills those pores, which makes for a truly non stick surface without having some sort of coating applied to the top.  Okay, I was a little skeptical, because even the best seasoned cast iron skillet sticks to some degree, especially with certain foods.  So, the demonstration goes, straight up egg poured onto the griddle surface.  Dry.  No butter, no oil, nothing added to the egg.  Yeah, right.  Let’s see this.  The egg cooked up and the cheese and sauted veggies were added to call the demonstration an omlette.  Chef Ann took the spatula and flipped the egg over to complete the roll of the omlette and easily slid it off the griddle with hardly a spec of anything left behind.  Okay, maybe a shred or two of cheese fell out as it was being plated.  I was amazed.  So, I am upping the ante on my future dream kitchen.  The griddle needs to be the chrome infused Jenn-Air. 

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