The interior starts taking shape again once drywall is installed.  The above photo is in the kitchen, before the drywall has been taped and mudded.  You can see the angled portion coming down from the ceiling.  This is the surprise of the laundry shute we found earlier in the demolition phase.  The client chose to just keep it in it's original location and have us box it in.  They felt it added to the quirky nature of old houses that have gone through a few remodels since being built almost 100 years ago. 

Below, is the bathroom after drywall, and you see the tape and mud in production.  This is the time to expect some extra dust on the job site!  The sanding and smoothing of the mud creates a fine dust.  

This shot is of the shower area.  The drywall stops at the shower area, and that will be soon covered in Hardiebacker board and waterproofed in preparation for the tile.  

Below is back in the kitchen.  The wood floor installer, Mike with Start To Finish Fine Hardwoods, has started laying the white oak planks.  These will later be stained and finished with a matte topcoat.  This floor is being installed wall to wall, and will go under all the cabinetry.