And so it begins

And so it begins

The drywall has been torn away from the wall framing.  Based on the age of the home, this originally would have been lath and plaster.  The home went through a previous remodel, so the lath and plaster was replaced with drywall.  The lath and plaster is still evident on the walls of the dining room, as seen above.  Another discovery after removing the drywall was a heat supply running through the wall just to the left of the dining door.  Our new kitchen plan involved widening the door to the dining room, so this heat duct was right in the way!  It was important for the client to have that door wider, so the contractor figured a way to shift the heat duct over to the next bay of the framing.  In the photo below, we had a further discovery, but this was the good kind of discovery!  There was an empty space in the wall cavity, which now could be utilized for additional storage.  The kitchen would be considered a small kitchen, and has limited traditional pantry space.  So, this new discovery would become an additional pantry.  So, not all discoveries are bad!  We used this one to our advantage.

Here's the former bedroom / closet space that will become the new bathroom.  Notice the old shiplap subfloor!  A doorway from the old closet to the hallway gets closed in with new lumber.  

Here's the exciting part, which is also where our problem solving skills kick in.  After removing the cabinetry, the crew discovers ductwork that is running diagonally through the kitchen space. It took just a few minutes to figure out that the duct is for the laundry shute from the upstairs, transferring to the basement.   One good thing is that this wall in the new layout does not have cabinetry or appliances that will be impacted by the discovery.  As a designer, I wanted it to visually disappear.  After discussing with the contractor on the jobsite, we figured several options to address the issue.  The options were presented to the client, along with price estimates for each option. Of course, the more complicated approach is the more costly. 



Old Knob and Tube wiring that gets clean up by removal while the walls are open.