Continuing on with the recent kitchen.  The first day was preparing the site for removal of materials.  Since we are working with a home built in the 1920's, we chose a contractor that has the Lead Removal Certification.  If you are not familiar with it, take a look at this link.

The first part of the demolition and removal was to take samples of materials that will be touched or removed.  Lead was found in a few areas of old paint, so proper methods were followed in order to remove and properly dispose of the materials.  After that, the existing hardwoods in the dining room, entry hall and stairway were protected.  Several dust barriers were installed over doorways in the kitchen, hall and bedroom. 

Milynn is laying down the floor protection in the entry and dining room.  The dining room will become the temporary kitchen for the homeowner. 


We moved the refrigerator into the dining and the client set up a temporary "kitchen".