An exceptionally designed space should be both beautiful and functional.  





A proper kitchen should address not only your personal style, but storage, function, durability, and technology.  Working with a Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer is the first step to creating an amazing kitchen.  One of Kayron's passions is cooking.  She understands how the space should function from her own hand's on experiences.  



 Baths are your sanctuary for peace and enjoyment.  You start your day there and end your day there.  What a treat it is to have a peaceful, warm experience to the beginning and ending of your day. 


other spaces

 Our design services and expertise travel beyond the kitchen or bath.  The skills and expertise of a Kitchen & Bath designer can be utilized for spaces such as the Laundry Room, an Outdoor Kitchen, a Mudroom, a Wine Room, or Media Room. 

Condo Living In The City


Condo living in the city often times requires a change of your mindset of space. This couple chose to retire to their hometown of Seattle and enjoy the true city living lifestyle while walking the hills of their Capitol Hill neighborhood.  They had to make some difficult decisions in downsizing from a large 4000 square foot home to a small 1500 square foot condo.  Our designs took advantage of all nooks and crannies to incorporate plenty of storage while keeping a simple, clean look so that the small space doesn't look overly crowded. 




Empty Nesters found their way to Faunterloy to enjoy the views of the Puget Sound.  We transformed the outdated home into the home of their dreams to enjoy for the many years to come. 



The space is a light filled room evoking the spa like feel.  A beautiful Calacatta marble provides intense contrast to the chocolate tones of the cabinetry, porcelain floor and deep, rich pebbles of the shower floor. 



Some elements were chosen for simplicity and a nod to the updated feel of the space.  Simple, clean elements of the wall tile and shampoo niche speak toward the modern element. 



We think of this space as the perfect example of Yin Yang. The two halves come together to complete the whole space. It is the dark and the light, the classic and the modern, the smooth and the texture. 


The Kitchen

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Master bath

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